Message from the Chairman of Selectors

Welcome to the 2018 season at Meraloma Cricket Club.

This year is going to be a great year! As a club we have lofty aspirations to gain promotion in at least 2 of the 4 senior men's divisions this upcoming season.

The disappointments of last season's on-field results, have highlighted some areas we as a club can improve. As Chairman of selectors this season, my job will be to work with the players and the selection committee to ensure that our club puts the best possible teams on the field each week. I also want to improve communication and transparency around all things relating to player and team selection.

The selection panel for the 2018 season is:

  • Lee Edwards - Chairman of selectors
  • Cavan Ditchmen - 1st team captain
  • Stuart Grills - 2nd team captain
  • Anant Prabhakar - 3rd team captain
  • Graham James - 4th team captain

Each week the selection panel will meet on Tuesday evenings to select teams for that weekend.

Before the season starts, I want to ensure that all players are aware of the non-negotiable things that must happen in order to be selected each week. If any of these non-negotiables are not met, other players will be given priority of selection. This will mean a player will almost certainly be dropped to a lower team that week or miss out from playing entirely. Exceptions can be made but this will be on a case by case situation.

The Non-negotiables for being considered during selection meetings are:

Players must:

  • Have the Teamo app downloaded on their phone with a profile created (one-time only)
  • Complete the BCMCL club registration form and return to Anthony (Chops) Holloway by the Tuesday before your first game (once per season only). Note that all players must register with the league every season.
  • Pay dues (or arrange with the treasurer) on or prior to dues night on April 27 (one-time only).
  • Be available to umpire a game during the season (one-time only).
  • Attend at least one training per week or communicate with captain if not able (weekly).
  • Confirm availability via Teamo NO LATER THAN 10pm on the Sunday before that game (weekly).

Provided the above non-negotiable's are met, the panel will then apply the best teams each week approach. This will mean that discussion will start with the 1st XI team selection where the best team will be selected from the pool of available players. The 2nd XI will then be selected, then the 3rd XI and so on

In addition to the non-negotiables listed above, key considerations for selection will be:

  • Reputation (Primarily for start of season where no form can be considered)
  • Current Form (Throughout the season)
  • Team balance
  • Player aspirations
  • Perceived player potential
  • Players willingness to contribute on and off the field

If you would like to play a higher level than what you are or have been, the responsibility is on you to make one of the selectors aware of this so that information can be relayed during selection meetings.

Have a great season, score loads of runs, take many poles and notch up plenty of W's.

Lee Edwards
Chairman of Selectors