2018 Umpiring Process

All players are required to volunteer one day of their summer to umpire a match.

Sign-ups will take place at the Season Kick-off and Dues Night (Friday, April 27)and will occur on a first-come first-serve basis.

  • Players will elect four weekends in order of preference.
  • The Umpiring Coordinator will then work with the Captains and the Chairman of Selectors to assign dates when players are not likely to be  selected to play.
  • Players will be assigned umpiring duties with another Meraloma player, and together must take responsibility for completing the assignment.
  • If one of you can’t make the assigned date, YOU have to email the Umpiring Coordinator (Arif) after finding an alternative player to take your slot. There is the possibility of switching with another player or paying another player to take your umpiring assignment. The latter option is highly discouraged.  

If you have any questions about umpiring, please contact Arif, 2018 Umpiring Coordinator.